The Ultimate Biz Plan

This 30+ page workbook will help you set-up your successful business foundation. The Ultimate Biz Plan includes step-by-step instructions to help you turn your dreams into a profitable online business. Whether you're in the idea phase or ready to get started, this workbook will help you build a roadmap for your business and accelerate your growth!  


Here's What You'll Get! 

The Ultimate Business Plan workbook will help you address each area of your business (target market, the product/service, the competition, traffic, subscribers, profit) so you know exactly what to do to turn it into a full-time business!


Executive Summary

Take a snapshot of your business right now, your mission and your goals.


Business Summary 

Build consistency and clarity around your business.


Target Market

Create a strategy to build your audience, grow your following, and drive traffic.


The Product/Service

The product/service section of the business plan provides information about what you’re selling, what problems they solve and how.


The Competition

No Matter what type of business you own or planning to start, others want your customers. In this section, we'll understand and describe your competition. This will help keep you on your toes and run a better business. 


Marketing and Sales Plan

The riches are in the niches! This section will describe your plan to spread the word about your product or ervice and selling to your ideal customers.



How are you going to run your business? In this section of your business plan, you'll describe how you will execute the basic functions of your company. This will be a complete breakdown of your manufacturing or how you create your product or service, keeping on top of inventory, and delivering your product/service, to your customer. 


Management Structure 

No Matter what type of business you own or planning to start, others want your customers. In this section, we'll understand and describe your competition. This will help keep you on your toes and run a better business. 



The financial section details how much you need to set up and/or run your business, how much it’s making and how much you expect to make in the future.

Why do I even need a business plan template for my business?  

Great question! The reason is that almost ALL profitable businesses have a business plan, and you want to be profitable too.  

Most people spend a lot of time on their business, but don’t actually make money from it. If you’re serious about turning your idea into a biz, you want to approach it like a profitable business from Day #1 (or day #270, or wherever you’re at!). Before I wrote a business plan, I was working on my side hustle regularly for about 2 years and my side hustle was not even breaking even. When I finally whipped my b-plan into gear, my business became a legit business and also become a profitable business due to systems and processes I put in place in less than 3 months!!  

The sooner you sit down to create a detailed business plan, the sooner you’re going to build an epic business! 

A Platform For Success…

The difference between creating an epic business and a total bust comes down to a business plan. My most successful business (which I sold for 7-figures) started with a business plan. My biggest flop started and ended with, well, scratchy notes and stickies.

The Roadmap to Your Dreams…

When you treat your business like a business from day one, it will become one! A business plan gives you a clear vision and the exact steps to take in your blog so that you can accomplish your goals.

"Brittany is a wonderful mentor and resource for anyone in the business community."  

She exudes positivity and enthusiasm and has such an inspiring story to tell. She's also generous with her time and was more than willing to share her knowledge with us as we were getting our small business off the ground. Most of all, her energy is infectious and it's obvious that she lives her life with purpose and resolve -- definitely a joy and an inspiration to be around."  

Namrata S., 9-5 Misfits, Start-up Business Owner

"While working with Brittany, I gained clarity on WHO I AM as a business 🙌. The business planning portion was extremely THOROUGH. I've been able to narrow down my focus and hone in on what I want my ideal audience to experience when purchasing my digital product and online course. Though this teaching, I am able to have a more definitive language coming out of me."

Angela Williams,

If you feel like:

  • You need help getting crystal clear on your business niche and focus
  • It’s time to make sense of all of your ideas and finally pick a direction for your business
  • You really want to start a business and just need the clarity and confidence to start making your dreams happen
  • You’ve been working on your side hustle for a while but are just not seeing the growth you need to turn it into a business
  • You want to get a snapshot of everything that goes into running a profitable business
  • You’re ready to nail down your ideas and make your business a reality, f’real!
  • You’re planning your business and want one place where you can nail down your strategy and goals.
  • It’s time to shift directions with your business and discover your true passion and calling  

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