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  • You have a great idea for a business, but don't know where to start and how to turn that into an actionable plan...
  • You've spent countless hours trying to build your business, and you're sick of the frustration, overwhelm, and self-doubt...
  • Your business is up and running but it's not going as well as you'd like, and you're out of ideas for how to attract our ideal customers...  
  • You’re struggling to stay on top of the seemingly endless list of tasks you need to handle, and you’re not enjoying running your business.


I’m Brittany Darrington - otherwise known as a "Corporate Misfit"- and I've spent years guiding the growth of thousands of start-up female entrepreneurs in all indutry's of business. 

I know exactly how you feel. You dream of a business that is profitable, impactful and successful...

But owning an business is not always easy. In fact, It Feels Like You Are Drowning In Your To-Do-List And No One Is There To Pull You Up Out Of It.  

I know how confusing and overwhelming this whole entrepreneurial journey can be.  

You may feel like you want to give up trying to make things work, yet you’re still not getting the results you want.  

You’ve got the feeling that if you were focused on the RIGHT steps, you’d be golden - but with all the advice out there… you don’t know which information to take in.  


I’d LOVE to help you get things figured out, so you can build a wildly profitable online business.  

Our private membership is a community for female entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals who want to succeed in their business. You're here right now, so my guess is that you want to find out more :) so all the information you need is below.

We’ve helped thousands of female entrepreneurs see HUGE results in their business and I’d love to help you too.  

It's time to stop struggling and trying to figure it all out by yourself. Join us and let’s make this your most successful year yet.

See you on the inside, 

What is The Corporate Misfit Club?

It’s a global community of online entrepreneurs building wildly successful businesses in just about every expertise you can think of.

Think of it as your one-stop shop for connection, inspiration, and streamlined training to help you turn YOUR passion into reality. It’s a community to keep you focused on and working towards your online business goals (without needing to scour the whole internet for the next right step or spend thousands on multiple different courses).  

Here’s what will happen when you join


The secrets to continual, organic growth on Instagram (hint: it's not about YOU)

No more going in circles - we’re going to help you get complete clarity on what you need to do in order to build a wildly successful business. We'll gain clarity on:  

  • What your mission is and what your business stands for
  • Who your ideal customers are 
  • How you serve your clients through sales, marking, and communication
  • Identify your streams of income
  •  How you’re getting your business/message in front of your potential clientss


We’ll teach you the skills

Once you have your ultimate business plan, we’ll show you step-by-step how to do what you need to do to see results through our Masterclasses. No more feeling stuck. You will learn how to market your business, generate sales, create business automation, succeed at social media, build your email list, create a website, master building your brand, create law of attraction in your business and so much more.  


We’ll help you to implement what you learn  

We’ll then help you implement the strategies through live calls, online workshops and Q&As, masterminds and more. You won’t be doing it alone.  


We’ll provide personalized help

Support available 24/7. Have a business question, need feedback on what you’ve created, need recommendations for expanding your team or just need support? We’re all here to help you.

We've Helped:

Namrata S. launched her 9-5 Misfits youtube channel, which got over 1,000 views in less than a week!

Debbie Davidson launched her clean eating business, allowing her to make positive health impacts in other people's lives. 

Here's how we've been helping other members...

So grateful to be a part of this community. As a mother, wife, and entrepreneur, this business journey has not been easy. After several bumps in the roads and finally giving in to accepting guidance and help I joined Brittany's Corporate Misfit Club.  

When I first joined, I immediately took the SEO and Facebook Ads Bundle. Within a month, I gained traffic for the first time to my website. Also, my email list increased from 10 people to now 965 people. My sales went from $150 a month to $2800 a month all within three short months. Now, I am planning on setting my revenue goals at $3,200 a month and increasing my email list by 20% within the next two months.  

Brittany, thank you for giving me the tools, support, and confidence to get my business off the ground. It was completely doormat before I joined the Corporate Misfit Club. 

Mindy Lawson

OMG! Brittany, I can't believe I was able to get my business up and going. If I could tell you how many times a day I use to think about leaving my 9-5 to run my online fashion store I would be a millionaire :-). 

Since joining the Corporate Misfit Club, I started my online clothing store. In four short months, I built my email list from 0 to 1500 subscribers. I've made more than 415 transactions on Etsy. Plus I've just hit 150 sales on my e-commerce site platform. THANK YOU, Brittany and The Corporate Misfit Team. 

Jennifer Gonzalez

While working with Brittany, I gained clairty on WHO I AM as a business 🙌. The business planning portion was extremely THOROUGH. I've been able to narrow down my focus and hone in on what I want my ideal audience to experience when purchasing my dital product and online course. Though this teaching, I am able to have a more definitive language coming out of me. 

Angela Williams,

Get Instant Access to the Club!  

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Monthly Business Bundles

Step-by-step training by leading experts. You’ll get instant access to our entire training library when you join and you’ll get a brand new bundle each and every month.

Your Corporate Misfit Squad 

Inside the private Facebook group, you’ll get access to me, the experts and other creative entrepreneurs.  

Live Q&As

Where you can get your questions answered and feedback on your work.

Mastermind Groups 

Where you will be in a breakout group with 3-5 other members, where you can discuss your progress, help each other and get support from our Team. You'll give each other feedback, a shoulder to lean on and bouncing ideas off each other. #misfitsforlife  


Each month you’ll get the opportunity to apply to be in a one-on-one-opportunities. You’ll get 3 one-on-one calls with me, to help you make MASSIVE progress!

The Masterclasses

Here’s just a small selection of the business bundles you’ll get instant access to when you join. 

And so much more!  


I’ll be right by your side inside the Corporate Misfit Club, at the ready to help you grow your online business. Ask me your questions, pick my brain... I’m happy to share anything and everything with you.

I’m here to show you how I’ve built my business and how you can too.

We’ll also get the chance to meet up in person too at one of the many events we hold throughout the year. Whether you come to our Corporate Misfit party, attend a casual meet up or deep-dive with me at our Inspired Vacay!  


Ultimately, We're Going to Help you Achieve more Success!

BIG GROWTH More followers, email subscribers, and traffic to your website.  

MORE MONEY We’re going to make your business more profitable. 

MORE TIME Because getting to where you want is going to happen so much faster. 

MORE MOTIVATION We’re here to kick you up the backside when you fall off track. There’s no escaping success :)  

MORE FUN Hanging out with creative entrepreneurs online and in person (did someone say party?!) 

LESS STRESS Instead of running around in circles wondering what to do, we’ll show!  

I'm not just saying it to sound good...

I’m going to challenge you to create more success and build a business you love!

If you’re committed to building a successful online business and make an impact, then when you join I’m going to challenge you to see big results and success within 30 days.


Set yourself a big 30-day goal to reach, write it in your Corporate Misfit dashboard and we’ll help you track your success and make it happen.


Immerse yourself in everything we have to offer - the trainings, the community, the support - and see what you achieve.  

If you’ve not made big progress then we’ll happily refund you. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!  


The DETAILS: » Instant access to ALL training (Valued at $2500+) » Live Q&A monthly calls (Valued at $197 monthly) » Live Goal Planning Workshops monthly (Valued at $297) » Monthly Mastermind Groups (Valued at $497+ monthly) » Private community of online creative entrepreneurs » Membership price: $37USD per month » You can cancel at any time » 30 day refund period, so you can try it out  


Each feature, resource and training video is designed to accelerate your progress and hold you accountable.


You may be thinking that this all looks great, but still wondering, “Is it right for me?”  

It’s hard to answer without knowing exactly what it is that you do, but what I can tell you is that we have members from all over the world, that work in all sorts of industries. Here are just a few: 

  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Graphic designers
  • Web developers
  •  Virtual Assistants
  • Photographers
  • Membership site owners
  • Course creators
  • Wedding Planners
  • Event planners  
  • Speakers
  • PR specialists
  • Salon owners
  • Skincare owners
  • Direct sales business owners
  •  Videographers
  • Service-based businesses
  • Physical product-based businesses
  • Fashion designers
  • Nail specialists
  • Carers  
  • Yoga teachers
  • Makeup artists
  • Copywriters
  • Health & wellness coaches
  • Actors
  •  authors
  • Healers & mediums
  • Spiritual life coaches
  • Accountants
  • Parenting advisors
  • Stylists  

& so many more

What we teach and share is relevant for all entrepreneurs and all stages. The principles of business are the same no matter whether you’re just starting out or have been building your business for years! 


A: First, the Corporate Misfit Club is not just "another course" or even "another membership group." It's so much more… and LESS. Yes, less.

We know you're already overwhelmed with ideas, content, courses, and information. That's why we will help you start with the end in mind and figure out what you need to do TOMORROW to get you where you want to be with your business and your life.

Then we give you the specific skills to get there… and make sure you get it. You're never left alone to figure it out on your own.

A: It's currently $37 per month to be a member.

A: Not at this time. However, we will let you know when this option is available in the members area. You can switch over to that option if you'd like once available.

A: Yes, but we hope you won't! You can cancel really easily from inside your membership dashboard.

A: We stand behind our promises. That means once you join us you have 30 days to claim a refund if you feel like the Corporate Misfit Club isn't for you or has offered you no value.

A: No, not necessarily. We welcome passionate new entrepreneurs! If you have an idea for a business or are just getting started we can help you to get things off the ground.

A: No, not at all! If you've been in business for any time, you'll be very familiar with what I call the "entrepreneurial roller coaster." Just when you think you've got it all figured out, a new set of problems arise to test your patience, determination, and commitment!

As entrepreneurs, we are always encountering the unknown and the Corporate Misfit Club is here to help you out.

A: Yes, we host our annual Corporate Misfit Event and quarterly meet ups! You'll be notified of all of our upcoming events.

A: We partner with the BEST experts to create content we know our members want and need. From mindset to marketing, from creativity to copy, each month we release a new bundle of multimedia resources such as videos, audios, worksheets, and more. (Many members say each bundle is worth 10x their monthly membership fee!)

A: We are absolutely dedicated to making sure each and every one of our members receives top-notch service. We limit enrollment to a few times a year so we can create an experience where new members are warmly received, supported, and guided to all that the Corporate Misfit Club has to offer.

By holding dedicated enrollment periods, we can dedicate time and resources to welcoming each new "class" of members.

If there's anything at all that you're not certain about, anything we haven't made clear; any concerns or questions then please do contact us at and we'll help you out.

It’s decision time

I know what it’s like to have a dream with no idea how to turn it into a reality.

I know what it’s like to be building a business alone with the constant thought of, “Can I even do this? Am doing the right thing?”  

I know what it’s like to be in the weeds of creation, where you get so tangled up in it all you just feel utterly confused about what to do next. 

But I also know how to move through it and get to the other side and I would LOVE to help you do the same. 

When you join us today - not only will you be buzzing with excitement and ideas for how you’ll create the success you want, you’ll have everything you need to make it happen.  

Get Instant Access to the Club!  

If you're ready to start your business or take it to the next level, simply choose your payment option below and click the button to join us...

Cheers to business success and living a fulfilled life.